Enough about me...who are YOU?!

Hey gang!

tonight's post will be short and sweet as tomorrow is the first official day of the tour (!!) and i want to make sure i'm as well rested and ready as i can be (which, in reality, is kind of a joke since i know i could sleep for a lifetime and not feel well enough rested...i looooove sleep!). But Tonight, the point of my entry is short and sweet: this blog is telling my tale and sharing my experience, but i have no idea WHO i'm sharing it with, so let's get a repor going: introduce yourselves to me! 

Websites have these nifty little data analyzers that can tell me how many different page views this blog gets per day, and where all of my viewers are coming from, so to all of you who have kindly been tuning in - tell me who you are! Friend? Family? Someone who randomly found this online and decided to follow along? I want to know who you are, and even more importantly, I want to know what brought you here! Where do your interests lie in terms of my content? Is it in the musicians themselves? in the road experience? Living situations? The food? How merch works? Management? 

If any of you have particular questions, or areas that you have big questions on, please comment and let me know! I want to make sure I answer as many questions as possible so more people can fully understand what it takes to make a concert like this happen. Warped Tour is unlike anything else in the world, yet, at the end of the day, it's still has all the same basic functions of any other concert, so i'll be glad to teach you all the most I can.  

Comment on posts, photos, Send me questions via the contact page, whatever it may be! Let me know who you are and why you're here, and hopefully we can all get just a little bit more out of this than just a fun story :) 

Have a great night, everyone, tomorrow is a big day! Photos, stories, and explanations of today's woes and hilarious happenings will all come very, very soon :)