Hey all! for the next in my little introduction series, I give you my "what". What the heck do I do? What will I be doing this summer? What is on this website you've found yourself on? 

My "what" is pretty simple. I am the girl that sells you your cool concert t-shirt or poster. Yup, you got it right! Sounds simple, right? Trust me, it's anything but! I've been in the merch business for about three years now, and it's all about numbers, math, counting, and keeping track of things. To be good at merch you have to be on your game at all times, no matter how crazy things can get. If your lucky, you work for an awesome band that impresses everyone and sells tons of merch, but that means you have to be prepared to handle the masses, which can get pretty messy at times. This summer i'll be holding down fort at the I Fight Dragons tent, talking with fans, selling you our awesome wares, counting and folding shirts, and much much more. If you happen to be at any Warped Tour stops this summer, please feel free to come and say hi, I'd love to make new friends as I go! Merch might be demanding, but never too demanding to make a new friend :) If you're interested in learning the tecnical side of band merch, numbers, etc., I will be doing a post on that later on as I get going this summer, so stay tuned for Merch Math 101!


On this website is everything and anything you'll need to follow along with me as I start work this summer with I Fight Dragons. On the right-side of the page, you can find social media links to just about any type of network you could imagine: twitter, instagram, Linkedin, my personal Tumblr, Flickr, and a quick RSS feed link. Below those images, you'll find a snippet of my Twitter feed, and even further down? A list of links to pages that have something - anything - to do with me, my blog, or what i'm doing out on the road this summer. This site also hosts a slew of my photography work, a sample of my resume, and a brief "about me" section to help answer any questions you might have.