Hello hello! Today is the last in the “Who? What? When? Where? Why?” series, but fear not! This is all just the end of the beginning, as today I left Denver and headed west-bound with the band towards Salt Lake City - our first official tour destination. So, on a day when I’m thinking heavily about all this myself, I give you my “Why”. 

 This question of “why” can manifest itself in many different ways. Why am I going on Warped Tour? Why am I going with I Fight Dragons? Why did I choose to work in the music industry? Most of these questions are straightforward, but the basic idea of “why” has left me thinking for the past few days. My why’s all start with the same basic understanding that I do what I do because I love it. All of it. My Junior year of high school I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life for a career, for college, for anything really. I was going through the motions and enjoying what I was doing in the moment, but I really had no set idea of where these things would take me in the future. Being asked to produce a benefit concert for a school club I was a part of was the one thing that set me on my path. Crazy, right? They really mean it when they say that one moment can change your whole life, I just didn’t imagine that it’d ever happen to me in such a drastic way. 

 Why am I going on Warped Tour? Warped Tour has somehow always been on my list of things to do. Growing up, this tour was the epitome of “summer” and the tour that always made me think of the rock-n-roll lifestyle and what it was all about. I certainly wasn’t wrong! Warped Tour has been going for over 15 years at this point, and has always been a perfect mix of summer, extreme sports, and music. Although this tour is well known as being “the hardest tour to work”, I think it’s the perfect first tour for me. I’m still young, excited and adventurous, so I can handle all the insanity so many people fear and dislike. This is a big bus tour that fully encompasses everything that a musical tour should and could be, while still really giving both fans and the people working it a chance to have a ton of fun. This gives me everything I could ask for in terms of my first real tour experience: a fun summer full of growing relationships, great music, and memories made. And I Fight Dragons, you may ask? I’ll admit, I never thought I’d be going on my first tour with them. I always thought it’d be Bop Skizzum simply because they’re the band I’ve worked for the longest and the most closely. Although this isn’t what I expected, it’s absolutely perfect. This group of guys is fun, kind, and very open to having me join their rat pack. Even though they are a band I don’t get to work with every weekend, I've spent time with them whenever they've made it to Denver, and I happen to L.O.V.E. their live show! I think getting to build this kind of relationship with a new group of people will be a great experience. Everything feels like it’s lined up perfectly: this summer is my perfect storm to grow into my role working in my chosen professional field. 

 Although there are a few different “why” questions surrounding this trip, there is one answer that still remains the same: I love the music business. Since that first concert, I’ve gone on to actually study this industry and work towards making this some kind of career for myself. I know it sounds bonkers, but I really do think that somehow I’ll be able to make this work out. I’ve come to find in life that as long as I continue to do what I feel is right, honest, and the smartest decision for me, that everything else works out in the end. I try really hard not to worry too too much about the little things anymore because I’ve realized that too often I freak out about the most absurd things, and before I even know It, it’s all worked out. I’ll admit that these past few weeks have been full of little freak-outs and scary moments, but all with good cause. My last few days home were stressless and perfect, filled with fun and relaxation with Danny, family and friends.  And now, the time has come! Tour is here, and I finally feel ready to go. I’m ready for this summer full of new adventures and opportunities. You hear me, world? Bring it on. :)


Alright blog, it's about time that you and I really start to kick things off. It'd be smart if i made sure anyone on here actually knows what all this is about, and so here, for you, is what they taught me all those years ago in kindergarten: the who, what, where, when, and why detailing everything and anything you'll want to know for this summer. 

Today's topic: WHO? Who am I, and who's the band i'll be traveling with?  

I'll keep this pretty straightforward, plain and simple. I'm Maddie. I turn 20 years old on June 11th, I have two younger brothers, and come from a tiny, adorable, wonderful suburb just west of the glorious Denver, Colorado. I am currently studying Music & Entertainment Industry Studies at the University of Colorado at Denver, meaning i spend the academic months of the year writing papers on Radiohead, and doing math to find out how much money a band will make if they sell out Red Rocks. I absolutely love the school i go to, and feel like I have really learned a ton in the two years I have spent on campus. Wether it's working with fellow classmates, or being taught by a diverse and well-versed teaching staff, I don't think I could have picked a better program to learn and study in. 

I spend most of my free time away from school at concerts, hanging with friends, or enjoying the outdoors. I spend a good chunk of that time working with Denver-based bands Bop Skizzum, Air Dubai, and the Flobots. This past year I started work writing for Denver-based music blog Ultra5280 as well, and have loved growing more into my role in the Denver music scene by having an outlet to voice my passion for great local music. You can find more about me in the "About" section of the website, but that's the basics! 

Now, about this crazy little band I'm working for... I Fight Dragons

The craziest bunch of nerds you'll ever meet, I fight Dragons is a 5-piece rock outfit based out of Chicago, IL who likes to do things just a bit differently. Using NES controllers, old GameBoy's, and amazing lyrics, this group's music sounds straight out of a 90's video game. If you're looking for something new, uplifting, fun, or just different, they are the band for you. Touring this year as a part of the Vans Warped Tour, this rocking nerd band will be hitting a city near you soon... are you ready to have your mind go "KABOOM!"??